About Our Sushi

About Our Sushi

Great sushi can be hard to find. Maybe your town doesn’t have a good sushi bar, or your sushi craving comes when they’re already closed, or they just don’t have premium ingredients. Whatever the reason, Banzai Sushi is here to help. Our focus is providing quality sushi to anyone who wants it.

From the always popular California roll to the lesser known, but no less delicious Seattle roll, we’ve got sushi to suit your palette. We’re constantly testing new sushi recipes and maintaining the consistency of our existing ones.

Our sushi is always made with the freshest ingredients – we’re in Seattle, the ocean is close and so are the fish – and we’ve perfected our rice recipe so that it retains its stickiness when you defrost it. If you’re a sushi connoisseur you know that top quality ingredients are a must in creating the best sushi. That’s why we don’t skimp on important ingredients.

Banzai sushi is created by professional sushi chefs – many of whom have been rolling sushi their entire lives. Rest assured that when our sushi arrives at your door it will be fresh and consistent.

Most importantly, our sushi and the environment it’s made in is approved and constantly monitored by the FDA. We follow the same rules as the manufacturers you find in the grocery store. If you find anything wrong with your shipment, anything at all, tell us about it and we’ll replace it for free.